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Yellowknifer tries to silence ice cream truck music

Yellowknifer tries to silence ice cream truck music

CBC News
One Yellowknife resident is trying to silence the sounds of the city's only ice cream truck.

At a city council meeting this week Richard Rozestraten asked council to review the noise bylaw to put an end to what he called "mechanical noise from mobile vendors."

"I'll call it an abusive mechanical noise that comes around the neighbourhood and it comes in to my private property and hangs around for 30 to 40 minutes" Rozestraten said.

He's looked into having charges laid.

"We went to go see if there was criminal legislation in place that the RCMP could go ahead and deal with, and to date the municipal enforcement has said our hands are tied" Rozestraten said.

Owner Tamer Akbulud believes he drives the only ice cream truck in the territory. He says his music is his calling card and he would lose most of his business without it.

"The music is very important. That lets kids know I'm in their neighbourhood" Akbulud said.

However, after five seasons of driving the truck, he said he understands why people may be bothered by the music.

"Frankly, I'll tell you the truth... it drives me crazy" Akbulud said.

Similar complaints in British Columbia

Yellowknife isn't the first city council to hear complaints about the noise from mobile vendors. In West Kelowna B.C., council looked at banning music from trucks like Akbulud's. After a public outcry, council took a step back. Ice cream trucks in West Kelowna can still play their music while moving but not while stopped.

Akbulud is trying to minimize the annoyance by obeying noise bylaws and stopping the music by 7 p.m.

He no longer visits Rozestraten's street.

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