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Lost pig found roaming N.B. highway

Lost pig found roaming N.B. highway

CBC News
A couple from northern New Brunswick have rescued a pig they found wandering the Trans-Canada Highway on Monday.

Bev and Kevin O'Neill said they don't know where the pig was originally headed, but believe he probably fell off a truck headed to a slaughterhouse.

The O'Neills said they found the pig roaming the median along Highway 2 while they were driving home from a long weekend in Nova Scotia.

Bev O'Neill said she then ran out into the middle of the highway to catch the lost pig.

"He was really nervous at first and he squealed and squawked as pigs do, but then my husband just petted him and talked to him a little bit and he settled right down and slept the whole way home, actually on my husband's lap," she said.

Now Blessing, short for Blessing in Disguise, is living with the O'Neills.

They've made him his own pen in their backyard, and said he's fitting in with their other animals, including the O'Neills' three rescued dogs.

The O'Neills said they recognize Blessing is probably someone else's pig and asked CBC News to not reveal the exact location of their home.

Blessing is only a few months old, and the family said they hope he's here to stay.

"I'm thinking we're stuck with a pig," said Bev O'Neill.

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